Glory Days, Festering Years - Split LP​/​CD w/ Brutally Deceased




Split LP with Brutally Deceased (Cze) released by Doomentia Records July 2013. Ltd. 100 Silver/400 Black LP. The CD was released in November 2013. Ltd. 500 CD.

Doomentia Records LP: (DOOM107LP1)
Doomentia Records CD: (DOOM107CD1)


released July 31, 2013

Recorded in Erebus Odora Studio in March 2013. Engineered & mixed by Peter Bjärgö & Interment. All music & arrangements by Interment. Lyrics by Johan Jansson except of "Cranial Putrefaction" by Sonny Svedlund. Mastered by Peter Bjärgö. Bandphoto by Eva Lammi. Cover artwork by Rafal Kruszyk. Layout by Lukas.

Johan Jansson - Guitar/Vox
Torbjörn Brynedal - Guitar
Martin Schulman - Bass
Kennet Englund - Drums



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Track Name: Among The Dead
Among The Dead
Lyrics: J.Jansson

In the morning beyond the hills
We fear the day among the living dead
From the piles of rotten flesh
We arise from the tombs of wrath

Stricken with disease
Sentenced to death
Striving for blood
The hunting for flesh
Struggling for brain
To cover the pain
Lurching on the streets
We're walking with the dead

Feasting on the shreds of flesh
Among the evil walking dead

Ripping the throat
Draining the artery
Chewing at the gullet
Tearing the chest
Rip out the eyes
Licking the spine
Dismember the entrails
Choking on the guts
Track Name: Faces Of Death
Faces Of Death
Lyrics: J.Jansson

The awakening on the graveyard
Beyond the veils of darkness
We crawl among the dead
Through the eyes of horror
On the soil of rotten limbs
We obey the antichrist

Evil creatures in the night
Hear the moans beneath the ground
Under the funeral moon
Tormented souls of the dead
Swallowed in deepest black
In the darkest pits of hell

Faces of death
Darkness descends
Faces of death
At dawn they will sleep

Death is here
Dark we fear
Dead by dawn
Hell awaits
Track Name: Cranial Putrefaction
Cranial Putrefaction
Lyrics: S.Svedlund

Putrefacted bodies
Infected embroyal flesh
Slowly decomposing
Drowning in the depths of worms

Mutilated life - Bionic enzymes
Ulcerated gore - Fragile bones decay

An Interment of souls
Maggot infestering flesh
Sore bodies in loss of death

Mutilated life - Bionic enzymes
Ulcerated gore - Fragile bones decay

Cancerous cores
Merciless pain
A stench of putrefaction
Determent embroyal stain

Cranial putrefaction
Cadaverous, curdling, disgusting mess
Afflicted repulsion
Skin erupts, corrosive decay